Sunday, May 6, 2012

south korea group of springhill: Omaha Time Capsule: Church hit by explosion -

March 31, 1936: Dozens of windows were shattered in surrounding buildings and a number of persons were knocked off their feet by a terrific blast in the boiler room of St. Peter church. Firemen think gas accumulated in the flue, ignited and exploded. No damage was done to the furnace and boiler. Carl Schrattenberger, engineer, who was firing the boiler at the time, escaped without injury. He was hurled 15 feet. Persons in the vicinity said a huge cloud of smoke rolled out of the chimney. The force of the blast was felt up to six blocks away.
1964: Representatives of city employees' unions said the proposed $338,000 increase in the city's pay plan was not enough. The unions recommended, instead, an increase of at least 10 percent. The proposal sent to the Personnel Board by Personnel Director Ernest W. Howard called for an annual increase of about 5 percent. It would give raises to about 80 percent of the city's 1,700 employees.
1987: People wanting to establish a day shelter for the homeless would be required to obtain a city permit under a proposal to be reviewed by the City Planning Board. The board also would consider a redevelopment plan for the Lackawanna leather-processing plant a 2420 Z St. The plan called for the city to provide a $250,000 tax-increment loan to help expand the plant. The homeless shelter permit proposal came from City Councilman Walt Calinger. He said the city needed to have some controls over the establishment of shelters.
1996: The gypsy-moth spraying in the previous May that cost the City of Bellevue $15,000 seemed to have taken care of the moth infestation. Only one male moth was found in traps set during the summer. "We're looking real good there," said Stephen Johnson, an entomologist with the Nebraska Department of Agriculture. Johnson said that if traps laid out for the next two years didn't contain any moths, the problem would be considered solved.

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