Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Money Matters - Managing your Finances as an Ex-pat in Korea! | Livejournal


Tip #5: ATMs and Banking Assistants: One of the most surprising and helpful things about Korea is that it is English-friendly. Nearly every ATM has an "English Option" and most bank tellers will speak at least some English (enough to converse with you about making deposits, transfers, or other basic banking operations). Once you arrive at your school in Korea, the school's Korean staff will most likely set you up with a bank account and bank card. As such, access to your Korean funds will be simple and immediate.
To wrap it up, Korea has an efficient and English-friendly banking system that allows you to be comfortable and confident while managing your finances abroad. Just follow the above tips so that they can show you the money! Cheers!
After receiving her degree in Secondary English Education from Indiana University, Hope Gately wanted to experience Korea's famous educational system, which is currently ranked #2 worldwide. She began teaching at the Pohang-Namgu branch of ChungDahm Learning in Korea last year, after being recruited by Aclipse. Since Hope is an avid hiker, foodie, and fashion enthusiast, she loves living in Korea and enjoys the mountains, cuisine, and "Kill-Heels." Questions about teaching in Korea? Follow Hope on Twitter at www.twitter.com/AclipseHope and email her at Aclipsehope@gmail.com!

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